Alkaline Ionized Spring Water a.k.a AISTM is a magnificent combination between Natural Spring Water (source) abundant with natural and pure minerals from Banjaran Titiwangsa and (technology) a strong alkaline up to pH 8.5, enriched with anti-oxidants and micro-clustered properties produced via Ionization process (electrolysis / electrical change) using the latest Japanese Water Technology.


While we’re certain that many people have tried AISTM the first time because of the very low price, compared to other drinking waters (drinkingwaters includes tap water, distilled water or reverse osmosis and mineral water. Below are eight (8) reasons why they keep coming back for more:

  • Alkaline water neutralizes the acidity of the body caused by stress, modern diet and air pollution.
  • Restores body function by cleaning your cells from the inside out.
  • Improves your immune system function to help you fight diseases.
  • Increases blood oxygen levels to deliver more energy to the body.
  • Alkaline water is negatively charged and an “antioxidant”. Antioxidants reduce cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants disarm free radicals.
  • Improves the body’s absorption of essential nutrients.
  • A higher pH in the body reduces the need for fat and cholesterol to protect the body from damaging acids.



Alkaline Ionized Spring Water Technology is one of the most advanced water technology from Japan to help human body stay healthy and counteract the effect of over acidity in our system, combined with “natural and pure minerals from Banjaran Titiwangsa”, by removing the harmful agents but keeping the beneficial minerals. “Minerals in drinking water are more easily and better absorbed than minerals from food,” according to Dr. John Sorenson, a leading authority on mineral metabolism. 

AISTM Water differs from purified water because purifying devices remove everything from the water, including beneficial minerals. Because of this, stripped water cannot sustain life even. If this type of water is ingested for a long period of time, it can leach out valuable body minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium. Hence why AISTM Water is mineralize in order to heed the need for minerals in all cellular function. 

Without such actions, our body will rob the minerals elsewhere to satisfy its needs. And while one can take mineral supplements to replace them, it is not easy to replace the minerals in our body in the same form that we lose them. Besides that, our blood system also is constantly functioning to keep itself within the narrow range 7.3 to 7.45 pH range. This process is also known as homeostasis.

Aspire Alkaline Marketing is committed to the safety and security of the production and marketing of good and healthy products. To prove our seriousness, we have obtained certifications from JAKIM (Ref. MS1500:2009-1057- 10/2012), MeSTI (004135), Ministry of Health (No. Kelulusan: KKM163 (24/ D2)) and Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (No. Pendaftaran: 1908) pertaining to authenticity, natural and healthy compliance.