Aspire Alkaline Marketing offers bottled alkaline water for retail consumers. for retail consumers. It’s initial product offering consist of alkaline water in 600ml size under the trade name Alkaline Ionized Spring (AISTM) Water. 

AISTM is safe for human consumption since it is just an electrical change of ions which separate between the negative charges, producing ionized alkaline water. This is in contrast to the chemical change processor which is chemical induced through filtration process. 

AISTM is produced through an electrolysis / electrical change process which uses solid medical grade titanium plates coated with platinum imported from Japan, with the source of water obtained from Natural Spring Water located at Banjaran Titiwangsa bridging between the East Coast and the Northern States of Malaysia.

AISTM is now available at more than 50 selected petrol kiosk in Klang Valley and nationwide, and the numbers keep increasing every week. AISTM is also available at selected Cafe’, Pharmacies, Halal Mart and SME Retailers. Apart from that, through strategic partnerships and collaboration with its allies, AISTM Water brand will be marketed in selected hypermarkets in Malaysia and will enter into bigger market overseas particularly in Middle-East countries.